Quit Hating - Rich & Poor

Why is everyone being so negative? In fact, why is everyone (still) so negative about women? It's 2007, right?

As you know I'm totally cool with Hillary and with Paris. I've made my peace with both. I believe Hillary will be the next president and that Paris is just -- like Richie Rich -- just a Poor Little Rich Girl (albeit, Richie wasn't a girl, doy.). Everything's cool.


Who cares? It's not that interesting whether she's in or if she's out of jail. It's not that interesting if "justice has been served." Who cares? And, it's not that she's white or that she's a "celebrity," what is important is that she's stinky rich. Much more loaded than any actor or athlete. She's actually in the mythical upper echelon. Seriously. She's worth a half-billion by herself. Yes, the trustifarian is worth a half-bill. I find this Washington Post article dripping with hate, misunderstanding, and envy. Is the writer expressing his own feelings or attempting to market to a particular audience? [clicky] Heiress = princess. And this? How is this remotely funny, or nice? [clicky]

And, it is that fact I believe most people are bent about. She's rich. You know what you people are? You're richist. Not richest, but richist. You have the nerve to put down people who are exponentially more financially valuable than yourself. You're a hater. Sure wealth has its upside: security, stability, opportunity, fun as hell, beauty. But, that is not a reason to be mean and wish someone was in jail. Jail is a bad place with bad people who, if they had the money, would opt out of that situation too.

Rich people don't understand us and it shows in how they relate to us (see: Barbara "Mama" Bush and her Katrina comment, or for that matter, all of the Bushes and their behavior). They don't know any better. Seriously. Just because people are rich doesn't mean they are smart or curious or interested in learning about the poor. Are you all asking the life story of that homeless guy that just pissed himself on the corner? Nope. You just keep moving. Same thing. To Paris, we're all that guy. And, sending her to the slammer is like making you and I sleep in that homeless guy's piss. We all look down at someone.

And you know what? We have no idea what it's like being rich either. We would probably be exactly the same.


I already mentioned that Hillary is the ideal candidate (and most qualified [clicky]) to be the president. She should win in a walk-over and stay two terms giving America three decades of rule by two families. Like, and I repeat, what is there left to uncover on her? What could there be left? While the press, experts, and bloggers dig deep and wide into the business of all the other candidates - including main contenders Obama (good), Giuliani (bad), Romney (cult), and McCain (too late, brah) - there's simply nothing left on Hillary [clicky]. New books? Nothing new...a waste of paper.

So what if she is pandering to specific contingencies. They don't know that, they just think she's nice. Only us eggheads realize that she's optimizing her audiences. So what? As a communications professional, I believe she's doing a great job (could do better, but hey...). Oh, the books....

"What both books inadvertently illustrate is that Hillary Clinton may have been investigated out. If there are major secrets still buried about the current presidential candidate, they are unlikely to be unearthed in time for this campaign." [clicky]
The next time I hear someone say, "She's so polarizing" perhaps I'll borrow their copy of the GOP talking points, 1993 edition. Cheney is polarizing. Maybe my retort will be, "Well if Bush is a uniter, maybe polarizing is exactly what we need."

So, stop the hate, people. Watch the NBA Finals on ABC TeeVee though. Tim Duncan? Holy shit. LaBron? Cripes! Quit hating, people.