N'SYNC w/Da Prez

II. Sometimes I ask the gods (Apollo and Zeus), "why me?"

What am I talking about (reference below first)? Well, on my way back from the Norwegian Embassy (sovereign territory) I'm on Wisconsin at Old Georgetown Road with the B and lo and behold, there are Babs (man on the oatmeal box) and HW (read my lips) coming out of the Hyatt. Did his appointment secretary sync schedules with mine? Some would call this good luck.

So, comforted by the insulation of my Honda CR-V and nestled closer to the action in the middle of the road, I roll down the window and squeak out the word, "MOPE!" I felt alive! Free! So American!

B says, "who are you calling mope?" I tell her, the president's parents. She pauses thoughtfully and says, "mope."


I. So, after dropping off B and heading to work, I notice a WHOLE BUNCH of ugly, black SUVs making an illegal u-turn on Wisconsin. The trail vehicle had flashing lights. I've lived in the region long enough to "get it." Now, the game is the "who's that?" game. Is it Tony? Is it Dick? Can't be, no ambulance. Is it? Condi? Can't be W, no limo.

Humm.... Going to the Bethesda Hyatt.

Well I watch until I see men-in-bad-suits open the door. Lo and behold the president's parents. Babs and HW.

I'm already across the busy street else I would've yelled, "YOUR SON'S A MOPE!" or something juvenile. Probably not, but I thunk it, though.

HW's become a grinnin' old man. And, Babs.... I'll tell you in person.


Addendum by A.C.: Do you think it's odd that Billy boy comes out swinging in defense of Democrats (and his administration) and is out on the campaign trail, but HW seems to be sitting this one out? I don't think he's ever come out in defense of his son, except for the time he responded to Larry King's claim that George W is an idiot by saying: I don't know why people think my son is stupid?

[Dear NSA: I'm really just funnin' here. Sure, I did see the Bushes (tee-hee) this morning, but I really love them and their offspring...especially Neil Bush. We don't hear enough about Neil.]