Double Dang Doodlie Diss (Defensive Ranting)

So, today, I was called cliché. Not directly, but there was enough allusion for me to get it. Well, to be honest, portions of my act were called into question as being potentially perceived as cliché. I don’t know if it was a calling-out or a warning. [Okay, I’m either misunderstood or horribly defensive, after all this comment was a first.] I’m willing to accept criticism, but “cliché?” Damn! Let’s look into this.

Here’s the issue: I am seen to have a disdain for most forms of authority, a revulsion of most things mainstream, am seen as generally “anti” popular and sort of post-cool. I exude a post-hip, post-ironic flippancy that comes across as self-serving and narcissistic. It is believed that I exist as the center of my very own world and am “Grup” to the core (albeit without the money).

First of all, so the fuck what? Secondly, you don’t know my act. You’ve seen a good chunk of it, but there’s no historical context. But, I won’t fight what I cannot control. I won’t get into historical context; I don’t have to.

But, cliché? Kids, I built this. I get royalties on this whole thing. I’m the only son of true originals. I honed this act in the trenches. Puh-leeze, it’s only cliché because I want it to be cliché and you aren’t getting the nuances... Okay, that was cliché.

But, seriously, I’m not angry or even hurt. Much. I question my execution though. Maybe I’m getting sloppy as the act becomes more complex (mixed with remnants of the old). Maybe I’m shooting over the heads of even good critics. Or, maybe I’m walking too many people through the steps of the act. This happens. The Ralphs, Waves, Otters, Peres’, and Gugginos know; sympathize. Breann would understand the sting. It’s not crushing. Never would’ve been, hopefully never will be. The portfolio is too broad, as they say.

But, I am happy I was called out today. Reflection in the company of trusted friends and advisors is useful. It helps me refine, hone, and evolve. But, they do not know what comes next. And, 99% of the audience never will.

As RPW says, "Welcome to the next level." As I say, "Welcome to the bigs."

Thanks for the nudge.

- Hebro