MIDDLESPACE - the space between

Haunted by detailed and vivid adventure dreams

Inescapable warrens of mystery and chaos

Wake plans muted by inevitable attentions

Prickly porcupine thistle sticking like magnets to exposed iron boxes

Two hours is never enough sleep time

For parents of prodigious progeny

But all is forgiven upon sunrises when

We muster all we have remaining and continue our hike into

The woods of the imagination

Evacuation plans never so un-smooth

Dream detectives never so coolly behaved

Amid impending boom, doom and gloom

Again the world is safe from evildoers and idiots

"There isn't really much else that [Ralph Nader and] the Greens can hope to achieve. Whatever their utopian platforms may say about renewable energy, corporate responsibility, diversity rainbows or frogs in top hats, the ruin of the Democratic Party is their only feasible aim. The first Democrats to be taken down, if the tiny party's plans are effective, will be the most progressive."

-Joe Conason

[middlespace live]