The Truth and the Lie
The compulsions drive me crazy
The perversions keep me sane
The sea and the pea
The coal and the tea

The question of existence
The presumption of the real
The tee and the why
The dirt and the sky

The morals of our nature
The better of the best
The pea and the sea
The coal and the tea
The matters of the present
The past and the future
The tee and the why
The truth and the lie

Self-Titled [Untitled]


The Cheese Stands Alone
Time comes when you just have to make a decision about who and what you are. Or are someday going to be.

You do not have to adhere to this decision forever. Just figure out the here and the now. For now. For here.

It is as much deciding the particulars as it is the cessation of all the excuses. Shedding the costumes.

Relief is that you need not have to pretend anymore. The act and you are finally one. The cheese stands alone.

For as difficult as this task could be, the certainty of the other side is well the wait worth. Investments paid.